Quality Fry Fast Chef Elite - Ventless Bench-top Automatic Deep Fryers

The Fast Chef Elite enclosed deep fryers offer the perfect solution for frying portion-controlled products without the need for an extraction canopy. Being fully enclosed makes them very safe to use, ideal when operating with low skilled staff.

Features and Benefits:

  • Ability to fry two different products with two different cook times simultaneously with up to four additional products loaded in the hopper ready to drop in automatically
  • Cooked products automatically eject out the front when the cook time is complete and additional products queued in hopper will drop in
  • Provides a continual flow of portion-controlled fried foods
  • Certified ventless operation means no expensive extraction canopy is required
  • Large carbon filter removes fats, grease and odours,
  • Moisture released during cooking is captured and separated into a lower condensate pan - away from the cooking oil
  • Programmable cook timers

Options are:

  • Gourmet Model - features a single portion top hopper
  • Carrousel Model - features a four portion rotating top hopper
Model No:


Low oil warning, Large oil drain tap, Lockable front door for staff safety

Manufacture Model/s #: Fast Chef Elite Gourmet, Fast Chef Elite Carrousel