FUJI Alpha 8 High speed HFFS flow wrappers

High speed, horizontal form-fill-seal wrapping machine for pillow packs with superior seals.

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The Fuji Alpha 8 high-speed flow wrapping machines pack products in pillow packs and gusseted packs. Its superior sealing system is ideal for pack designs or product applications requiring high seal integrity.

The Alpha 8 flow wrappers also offer impressive energy, waste and labour saving features.

Flow Wrapper Applications

Alpha 8 flow wrappers package a wide range of solid products and pieces into pillow packs with, or without, gusset, at high speeds.

Product types

Product applications are varied:

  • All types of confectionery, snack foods and baked goods - individually wrapped, in multi-packs or in trays including:
    • Single sweets, candy, gum
    • Solid bars eg muesli bars, nutritional bars, chocolate bars
    • Bread, bread rolls, flatbreads, tortillas
    • Cakes, buns, pies and pastries
    • Dry noodles, instant noodles
    • Cookies, biscuits and rice cakes
    • Sandwiches and wraps
  • Other food products e.g.:
    • Frozen foods like frozen pizza
    • Meats and smallgoods
    • Dairy e.g. cheese
  • Medical devices and pharmaceutical products e.g.:
    • Pharmaceutical delivery devices like inhalers
    • Dressings, sterile kits, swab kits, examination kits, wipes
    • Catheters
    • Vials in trays
  • Household products e.g.:
    • Soap bars, laundry and dishwasher tablets
    • Stationery ink cartridges, notebooks, pens,
    • Electrical and hardware items eg duct hoses, bulbs, bearings
  • Products suitable for Modified Atmosphere Packing (MAP), also know as gas flushing, to extend product shelf life.

Alpha 8 pillow pack machine models

High-speed rotary flow wrapper models

Fuji’s Alpha 8 rotary flow wrapping systems are available in single or multiple jaw configurations that can package more than 1,000 packs per minute, depending on the product application.

Film specification for rotary-motion Alpha 8 flow wrappers
Models Sealing action Max. film rewind width
FW3400 Rotary 450mm
FW3410 Rotary 650mm

High-speed box-motion flow wrapper models

Box-motion flow wrappers are extremely versatile in terms of the types of products and flow wrap packaging specifications they can handle. They are ideal for large or tall products, hard-to-handle products, or square and awkwardly-shaped packs. Many food, industrial, technical and household products are commonly flow wrapped with box-motion.

  • Innovative breakthrough in horizontal packaging, ideal for hard-to-seal films.
  • High packaging speeds.

Film specification for box-motion Alpha 8 flow wrappers
Models Sealing action Max. film rewind width
FW3400/B Box-motion 450mm
FW3410/B Box-motion 650mm

Sanitary design flow wrapper model

Sanitary models are for wet product applications needing washdown or for machines operating in a humid environment.

  • Easy, tool-free disassembly of the in-feed conveyor for thorough sanitation.
  • Built to globally recognised 3A American Dairy Industry Standards with improved design for better run-offs and less product harborage.

Film specification for sanitary design Alpha 8 flow wrappers
Models Sealing action Max. film rewind width
FW3700 Rotary  450mm
FW3710 Rotary  650mm
FW3700/B Box-motion  450mm
FW3710/B Box-motion  650mm

Flow wrapper key features

The new Alpha 8 series are Fuji’s flagship flow wrapping machines. Fuji continually strives to improve machine design, simplicity and reliability to ensure optimal seal quality whilst giving time and efficiency savings in operation, changeover and maintenance.

There have been a number of design upgrades to this series flow wrappers:

Energy-saving heat fin-seal system with enhanced seal quality

  • Induction fin-seal heater technology replaces the use of slip-rings which are a common cause of sealing failures.
  • Intelligent temperature control systems give even greater consistency of pack quality. Highly accurate seal temperatures maintain correct seal integrity.
  • A high-pressure end-seal system ensures reliable pack seals.
  • Allows a wide range of seal profiles, seal pressures, and pack design options such as hangsell and gusseted pack.

Waste reduction

A shorter film route minimises film feed and reduces film waste.

Patented vision inspection system

Fuji's patented vision system inspects film to prevent costly product re-works and film wastage:

  • Monitors film registration marks without having to adjust the sensor, so packs are cut precisely.
  • A barcode reader identifies the correct packaging film and prevents costly re-work or recalls.
  • Checks for the presence of a “Use By“ date.

Optional Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP)

MAP (also known as gas flushing) prevents the deterioration of many food and non-food products by minimising the effects of oxygen inside a finished package:

  • Preserves product freshness and prevents product decay.
  • Preserves product qualities such as aromas.
  • Ensures hygiene and product safety.
  • Extends product shelf life.

Modified atmosphere packs must be made from a barrier film. Gas (usually nitrogen) is flushed into the pack, which must then be sealed, using a long dwell seal-time and low inertia leverage, to prevent the gas escaping. These air-tight packs can be produced on Fuji Alpha 8 flow wrappers.

Flexible in-feed systems

A range of fully automated in-feed systems are available for many types of product.

Upgraded product set-up and production control

  • Simple, intuitive user interface for access to operation controls, time saving diagnostics and production data.
  • Improvements to the operation panel for safety, security and ease of use.
  • Easier product and format set-up greatly reduces operator labour and human error, preventing film wastage and product rework. The new system automatically calculates the necessary numerical product and film settings just by entering basic information such as product width, length and height.

Robust construction for efficiencies and hygiene

  • The main cantilevered frame brings operational efficiencies through safe, easy access for maintenance and cleaning. It is solidly constructed and fully welded with stainless steel covers (standard design), or full stainless construction (wet-area applications).
  • Up to 7 servo motors control all the main machine functions.
  • Separate direct-drives minimise maintenance and downtime.
  • Quieter and low-vibration operation overall.
  • Easy access for faster changeovers and faster maintenance.