Frigomat TWIN CHEF LCD Series Featuring Mix Heater and Batch Freezer Combination Machine

The “TWIN CHEF LCD” has been designed to satisfy the needs of pastry and gelato chefs who want to create their own specialities quickly and consistently. Extremely flexible, it can produce gelato and sorbet as well as a wide range of patisserie products including pastry cream, ganache, chocolate tempering, marmalades, fruit jelly, puddings, etc., giving the operator the ability to express their own creativity with precise control.

Cream Cooker Features and Benefits:

  • Bain-marie system (glycol) allows you to set the precise temperature up to 115°C maintaining the organic characteristics of the product
  • Self-locking steel agitator with mobile scrapers working on walls and bottom and ancillary equipment for cooked cream and chocolate tempering
  • Programmable continuous or cyclic agitation
  • Innovative extraction/delivery spigot with wide diameter for quick emptying of the heating chamber
  • Swivelling extraction spout allows to drain the product at the end of the cycle without engaging the freezing cylinder so that heater and batch freezer can be used separately

Batch Freezer Features and Benefits: 

  • Highly efficient freezing cylinder with direct expansion and stainless steel beater with mobile scrapers
  • High-speed extraction with an “extra chill” option to get the best product consistency
  • Cylinder-block steel door with temperature probe (patent)
  • The electronic IES (patent) features a new consistency control system, that further improves the precision during the different working conditions.

Models options are:

  • TWIN CHEF 35LCD 2-6kg capacity per cycle, 35kg per hour production capacity
  • TWIN CHEF 45 LCD 2.5-8kg capacity per cycle, 45 kg per hour production capacity
  • TWIN CHEF 60 LCD 3-10 kg capacity per cycle, 60 kg per hour production.

The power of experience, the passion for the future and the latest in technology, Frigomat has been designing and producing its ice cream machines for more than 45 years. J.L.Lennard are the exclusive distributor of Frigomat in Australia and New Zealand, to see our full range of batch freezers, bain-maries, pasteurizers, cream whippers and gelato and ice cream makes click here.

Model No:
Brands: FRIGOMAT , Frigomat


Water cooled only.

Manufacture model/s #: TWIN CHEF 35 LCD, TWIN CHEF 45 LCD, TWIN CHEF 60 LCD

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