RAM By Taylor Frozen Food Dispensers

The RAM frozen food dispensers feature a freezing hopper chamber up top which automatically dispensers a programmed dosage of the stored frozen product directly into fryer baskets when baskets are positioned underneath the dosing chute. These are a very efficient solution in high volume frying applications, ideal for fast production of chips, fries and wedges.

Features and Benefits:

  • Program the ideal dosage of frozen product to suit the basket size and fryer capacity to give a consistent size fry load
  • Fast and efficient loading of fryer baskets without relying on staff judgement for quantities
  • Holds the product in a frozen state until cooking is required ensuring the product is at a consistent temperature when loaded into the fryer
  • Reduces food wastage and labour costs
  • Helps increase fryer oil life by minimising excess product fall off and ice particles from falling into frying oil when incorrectly loading baskets over the fryer vats.


  • Models available to offer one programmable portion size or multiple portion sizes

RAM by Taylor is known around the world as the gold standard in commercial soft serve, frozen beverage and commercial griddles. To see our full Taylor range, click here.

Model No:
Brands: Taylor


On castors for easy moving, removable internal hopper and dosing system for daily cleaning, fryer baskets not included.

Model/s #: R160, R200, R280