• Jan

    Looking Ahead: What’s Trending for Commercial Kitchens in 2024

    2024 is all set to be a year of groundbreaking innovations in the kitchen.

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  • Dec

    5 Ways the Henny Penny F5 is Revolutionising Fryers

    Introducing the F5: Cutting-Edge technology that is shaping the Kitchens of the Future.

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  • Sep

    J.L.Lennard Exhibiting at Fine Foods 2023

    J.L.Lennard will be exhibiting at Fine Food 2023 at ICC Sydney from the 11th until the 14th of September. Visit us at stand HP32 to see the latest from our leading, global manufacturers. Including Taylor, Henny Penny, XLT Ovens, Frigomat, Somerset, Pratica AyrKing and Retigo.

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  • Jan

    What You Need to Know to Profit from Consumer’s Insatiable Appetite for Chicken

    The versatility of chicken is the secret to success.

    The World Economic Forum estimates that roughly 50 billion chickens went

    to dinner in 2018 and didn’t come back

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  • Nov

    The Push from Protein: Vegan Options Trending Long-Term

    Alyson Zaborowski posted: "Everyone likes chicken. Bloomberg calls it the only meat everyone agrees on. The world is on pace to consume 133 million tons of poultry in 2022, so it’s not going away anytime soon. And yet the USDA, the OECD and other organizations that track such thing"

    - Henny Penny

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  • Oct

    3 Ways Restaurants Can Fight Inflation with A Commercial Fryer

    Record high inflation, rising food, labour, and utility costs along with ongoing staffing shortages are leading many restaurant operators to wonder if a recession is looming.

    Could what lies ahead be worse than what they faced during the pandemic?

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  • Oct

    Why Your Restaurant Needs a Chicken Fryer

    Commercial fryers, sometimes referred to as chicken fryers, are one of the most common pieces of kitchen equipment in food service.

    And for good reason, too.

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  • Oct

    3 Ways Commercial Fryers Help Restaurants Maintain Food Quality

    It’s no surprise that many operators struggle with how to maintain food quality in a restaurant. A lot of it comes down to your fryer oil!

    In the restaurant industry, we call a 35 lb. container of bulk cooking oil a “jug-in-box” or “JIB” for short. Not surprisingly, just like everything else restaurants are paying more for these days, JIBs have increased in price too.

    How much? Depending on what type of cooking oil you purchase, a JIB will now run you as much as four times what you paid in 2019. So, today you’ll pay between $40 and $100 for a JIB of cooking oil and that’s wholesale pricing.

    Increasing costs associated with fry oil and inflation in general are important reasons to make sure you’re prioritizing keeping your commercial fryer in tiptop condition. Doing so will not only ensure you continue to dish up quality menu items that delight your customers, but it will also help manage costs and prioritize profits.

    To help, I’ve identified three tips that will keep your commercial deep fryer operating in peak condition.

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  • Aug

    Food & Beverage Cartoning Solutions

    We would like to introduce T. Freemantle, a UK based manufacturer of Cartoning and Sleeving machines for over 40 years. Their continuing success and reputation are built on the commitment to deliver simple and efficient machines that are easy to operate and deliver value for money.

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  • Jul

    JL Lennard welcomes Retigo combi ovens to our range

    JL Lennard is excited to add the Retigo range of combi steamer and bakery ovens to their existing catalogue of reputable, high-quality equipment offerings. The Retigo brand is already well known in the market for its efficiency, reliability and low running costs, which fits in perfectly with the other JL Lennard product ranges.

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