Henny Penny F5 Fryer

The Henny Penny F5 open fryer is designed from the ground up to make frying high-quality food easier, safer and more efficient for any kitchen. The F5 is built on our reliable oil-saving platform but offers a whole new interface that makes everything about this advanced fryer simple.

The control consists of a 18cm touch and swipe screen with a graphics-based operating system that is so intuitive it can reduce initial training by up to 50%.* Built-in Simple Touch Filtration lets crew filter individual vats as needed while continuing to cook in other vats uninterrupted. Just touch the screen three times (or less) to begin filtering. The system drains and filters oil, rinses away crumbs and returns hot filtered oil to the vat in three minutes!† No handles, valves or knobs to pull open or close.

Sensor-activated automatic top-off monitors oil level and automatically replenishes oil from a JIB or reservoir inside the fryer cabinet. This not only eliminates messy manual add backs but significantly extends oil life at peak quality. Henny Penny F5 open fryers recover temperature very quickly and earn the ENERGY STAR® mark with over 85% energy efficiency.

Features and Benefits:

  • Intuitive Touch and Swipe 7 inch touchscreen interface.
  • 40% oil Savings through extended oil life and 14.4lt fry vats.
  • Less than three touch fully automatic filtration
  • Built in trouble shooting help guides.
  • New faster filtration, filter, re fill, top up oil and re heat in less than 3 minutes.
  • New larger drain valve and high capacity 8GPM oil pump.
  • Newly designed wash system targets fryer corners to clear debris more effectively.
  • Energy STAR rated.
  • Idle Mode for oil and energy savings.
  • Load Compensation and Pulse Control to give you consistent quality product every time.
  • Reduced staff training through intuitive touch screen guides.

Henny Penny design, develop, and manufacture premium foodservice equipment known for reliability, ease of use and low operating costs. To see our full Henny Penny range, click here.


*Based on a 5-hour training regimen.

**Based on throughput tests according to ASTM standards

Model No:
Brands: Henny Penny


All F5 Fryers come with 2 half baskets per well, 14736 Fryer Brush kit, 12074 box of 30 filter paper, 2 metres Shielded Cable and Clipsal 5 pin round Three Phase 32amp straight Plug.

Model#:OFE 511; OFE 512; OFE 513; OFE 514.