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Commercial Restaurant Grill

J.L.Lennard offer restaurant grill equipment suitable for use in cafes across New Zealand. We can supply you with high speed restaurant grill equipment that features single, double or triple cooking zones and up to three platens. Our Taylor L810 L Series Grill is the ideal commercial restaurant grill and with its two sided electric high speed grill, triple cooking zone and three top platens, you will be able to meet customer’s demands and keep your kitchen running smoothly night after night. If you are on the lookout for a commercial series grill that is a little smaller, the Taylor L828 L Series Grill has a two sided electric high speed grill, a single cooking zone and a single top platen, making it perfect for those running smaller cafes. Whether you need something large or small, the team at J.L.Lennard can supply grill equipment for restaurants and cafes of all types.


Why Choose Us?

Our restaurant grill equipment is manufactured from the highest quality materials and all products are built to stand the test of time. With over 135 years of experience providing the very best products it’s easy to see why we are the premier supplier of commercial electric grills for restaurants and cafes across the country. To learn more about our restaurant grill equipment systems click here to contact us today.