Frigomat Chef LCD Series Cream Cookers

The Frigomat range of CHEF LCD cream-cookers have been designed to satisfy the needs of pastry and gelato chefs who want to create their own specialties efficiently and consistently. Extremely flexible, the CHEF LCD range can produce a wide variety of products including pastry creams, puddings, ganache, chocolate tempering, marmalades, fruit jelly, etc. leaving the operator free to express their creativity and flair.

Features and Benefits:

  • Bain-marie system (using glycol), both for hot and cold phases which allows to set the temperature up to 115°C while maintaining the organic characteristics of the product
  • The new patented IES electronic system eliminates the phenomenon of thermal inertia which delivers extremely precise temperature control while reducing the energy consumption
  • Automatic no-frost function
  • Self-locking stainless steel agitator with mobile scrapers working on walls and bottom and ancillary equipment for cooked cream and chocolate tempering
  • Programmable continuous or cyclic agitation
  • Ability to set 10 different agitation speeds for the different phases of the cycle
  • Transparent cover and hopper to add in ingredients during the working phase
  • Cycle data record.

Options are:

  • CHEF12LCD capacity 3-12kg per cycle air or water-cooled
  • CHEF30LCD capacity 15 - 30kg per cycle air or water-cooled
  • CHEF60LCD 30 - 55kg per cycle water-cooled only

The power of experience, the passion for the future and the latest in technology, Frigomat has been designing and producing its ice cream machines for more than 45 years. J.L.Lennard are the exclusive distributor of Frigomat in Australia and New Zealand, to see our full range of batch freezers, bain-maries, pasteurizers, cream whippers and gelato and ice cream makes click here.

Model No:
Brands: FRIGOMAT , Frigomat


Manufacturer model/s #: CHEF12LCD, CHEF30LCD, CHEF60LCD

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