Henny Penny PFE 500 with 8000 Computron Control Four Head Pressure Fryer

Models 500 -with 1000 Computron controls & model 500 with 8000 Computron controls come standard with 1 x 4 Tier basket with handle, Filter Rinse Hose Assembly Complete, 2 PHT Filter Envelopes, 4 Castors (2 Locking), Fryer Brush Set that includes 1 Brush Dead Weight Exhaust, 1 Brush Black L Tipped and 1 Long Straight white Gong Brush.

Model No:
PFE 500 - 8000


The Henny Penny Pressure Fryer, first developed by Henny Penny in 1956, is the original fried chicken cooker. Pressure frying cooks food under pressure which locks in the juices, uses less oil and cooks at a lower temperature and for a shorter time. The Henny Penny Pressure Fryer is equipped with an electronic control panel with countdown timers and an integrated oil filtering system. The fry pot also comes with a seven year warranty as well as J.L. Lennard’s twelve months parts and labour warranty.

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