XLT Conveyor Impingement Oven Model 2440

The XLT 2440 Oven, which is one of XLT's most versatile oven models to date, is a perfect solution for small-to-medium sized kitchen. Combining precision with efficiency, the XLT 2440 allows your business to produce consistently baked products day in and day out. XLT conveyer air impingement ovens deliver a consistent cook, time and time again, without relying on a skilled operator.

Features and Benefits: 
  • 24" wide conveyer belt and 40" long cook chamber,
  • Approx capacity of 73 x 12" pizzas per hour
  • Heavy-duty chain drive
  • All panels including internal oven chamber manufactured in high grade 304 stainless steel for longevity, easy cleaning and rust resistance
  • Simple set digital controller for belt speed and temperature settings with 12 programmable settings available,
  • Half-way door access for shorter cook time products, Control box cooling fan with easily removable/washable air filter to keep components cool and clean,
  • Electronic components protected by externally located circuit breakers
  • Industries best 5-year parts and labour warranty

Options are:

  • Gas or Electric 
  • Can be stacked up to 3 ovens high
  • Available with split belts
  • Custom coloured 'cool skin' doors can be ordered on request

XLT is known around the world as the gold standard in commercial conveyor ovens, radiant ovens and hoods. Supplying many of the world’s largest pizza chains with XLT's reputation for reliability, bake performance and a world-class leading 5-year parts & labour warranty makes it the only choice for your business. See our full XLT oven and hood range, click here.

Model No:


Includes stainless steel stand with castors, Includes quick disconnect gas hose and fittings, built tough in the USA
Model/s #: 2440, 2440-1G, 2440-1E, 2440-2G, 2440-2E, 2440-3G, 2440-3E

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