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Food Filling Equipment

J.L.Lennard can supply your business with quality filling machines that can quickly and accurately deposit precise volumes of granule and powder products across a multi-lane production line. Having a powder filling machine or granule filling machine that functions seamlessly and reliably is essential for the efficient running of any business that deals in large volumes of granule and powder products. Manufactured by industry renowned company All-Fill, the food filling equipment we source is of the highest standard, ensuring it will provide years of reliable service.


Our Range of Filling Machines

All-Fill Semi-Auto Auger Filling Machine

Ideal for companies that are currently filling using manual methods and want to automate their processes, the semi-auto auger filling machine is an excellent entry level powder filling machine. It’s capable of delivering high-accuracy doses of products into a variety of packaging containers, including boxes, bags, pouches, drums, cans, jars and bottles.


All-Fill Multi-Lane Auger Filling Machine

The All Fill multi-lane auger filling machine is capable of dispensing powders, spices and ground coffee quickly and accurately across a multi-lane production line.


All-Fill Rotary Filling Machines

This reliable rotary auger filling system operates non-stop, dispensing products into funnels that travel on a circular, multi-position turret. It’s ideal for non free-flowing powders such as protein, cocoa, milk and whey. This granule filling machine is also suitable for the automated filling of plastic and glass jars as well as metal and composite cans.


All-Fill Automatic Auger Filling Machines

This fully automated food filling equipment is ideal for the fast and reliable dosing of both non-flowing and free-flowing powdered or granular products. This machine is able to dose a variety of container, including jars, bottles, boxes, drums, cans, bags and pouches.


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