Frigomat PEB Pasteurizers

Pasteurization is an important process in food production applications for improving product quality, food safety and to help extend shelf life by removing dangerous pathogens. The PEB Pasteurizers offer a range of vat capacities and control levels to suit many different pasteurizing requirements.

Features and Benefits:

  • Gentle bain-marie style heating with an agitator to ensure consistent temperature throughout the vat
  • Automatic cycle for 85C and 65C pasteurization
  • Semi-automatic cycle allows the operator to set the heating temperature
  • Automatically sets the hold time before chilling depending on the heating temperature set - to ensure correct pasteurization and product safety
  • Automatically enters preservation mode at the end of cooling cycle to maintain product below 4C

Options include:

  • 30, 60, 120, 60+60, 130 Litre vat capacities,
  • Basic MEC push-button controls or LCD models available for maximum control level and functionality
  • Air or water-cooled (not all sizes available as air-cooled),
  • Models available with an integrated emulsifier

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Model No:
Brands: FRIGOMAT , Frigomat


Manufacturer model/s #: PEB30MEC, PEB60MEC, PEB130MEC, PEB30LCD, PEB60LCD, PEB2x60LCD, PEB130LCD

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