ALL FILL Rotary filling machines

ALL FILL Rotary fillers for powders and spices
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All-Fill’s high speed automatic rotary fillers provides high throughput and fast speeds for even the most demanding production environments eg milk powders, cake mixes, sugars, coffee, herbs and spices.

These rotary auger filling systems operate continuously, dispensing product into funnels travelling on a circular, multi-position turret.


All Fill rotary fillers are suitable for automated filling of containers such as:

  • Plastic and glass jars.
  • Metal and composite cans.

Ideal for filling all types of free-flowing and non free-flowing powders:

  • Non free-flowing powders such as milk, whey, protein, cocoa, nutritional drinks etc
  • Free-flowing powders and granules such as gravies, sugar-based mixes, chocolate, energy and sports drink mixes.
  • All forms of coffee - powder, granular and beans.
  • Wide variety of herbs and spices including tea.

Key features

  • Available with 12-36 filling heads depending on the speed required.
  • Starwheel or timing screw container spacing control.
  • Variable speed auger drives operate continuously.
  • All augers and parts custom manufactured to suit the product.
  • Highly accurate product dispensing to within 1% tolerance when used with tendency control.
  • Excellent dust control.
  • Quick release change parts and fully removable doors ensure easy accessibility and fast cleaning times between changeovers.
  • Safety guarding to Cat 3.