FUJI CXII Automatic HFFS flow wrappers

Economical horizontal form-fill-seal pillow packaging machine.

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Fuji CXII flow wrapping machines produce pillow packs and gusseted packs. This series of machines are ideal entry-level flow wrappers for food producers looking for a reliable, flexible wrapper at an affordable cost. They package a variety of product sizes and formats and their many sealing options give flexibility in pillow pack design.

The CXII series benefits from Fuji’s usual high quality construction and reliable performance, with built-in efficiencies for energy and labour savings, waste prevention and easy operation.

Flow Wrapping Applications

The Fuji CXII flow wrapper series offers versatile pack designs and formats.

Pack types

CXII flow wrappers package solid goods into pillow packs:

  • Pillow packs with, or without, gusset
  • Pillow packs with retail hangsell design
  • Pillow packs with high quality hermetic seals which need long dwell times
  • Items can be individually wrapped, in multi-packs, in linked packs or placed in trays

Product types

These flow wrapping machines easily handle large products, awkwardly-shaped or hard-to-handle products. Therefore they are ideal for all types of baked goods, confectionery, snack foods as well as many non-food items. Examples include:

  • Food products such as:
    • Bread, bread rolls, flatbreads, tortillas
    • Cakes, buns, pies and pastries
    • Solid bars eg muesli bars, nutritional bars, confectionery bars
    • Dry noodles such as instant noodles
    • Cookies, biscuits and rice cakes

  • Non-food products such as:
    • Stationery items such as notepads, printer accessories, etc.
    • Hardware items such as refills, sponges, cleaning items, etc.
    • Personal hygiene products such as soaps, toothbrushes, amenity kits, etc.

  • Products suitable for Modified Atmosphere Packaging (gas flushing) to extend product shelf life, often used for products like breads.

CXII flow wrapping machine models

CXII Rotary flow wrapper models

Film specification for box-motion CXII flow wrapper models
Models Sealing action Max. film rewind width
FW3400B/CX Box-motion 430mm
FW3410B/CX Box-motion 600mm

CXII Box-motion flow wrapper models

Box-motion flow wrappers are extremely versatile in terms of the packaging specifications they can handle. They can accommodate long dwell seal times which produce high integrity seals, especially used for hermetic and MAP packs.

In the bakery sector, they are ideal for many larger loaves and cakes packed into square and awkwardly-shaped packs. They are also ideal for packing non-uniform shapes or fragile baked products like pies which are hard to handle.

Flow wrappers with longer dwell systems are simpler and faster to changeover, and easier to maintain than rotary models so can offer increased operational efficiencies, depending on the applications and operating speeds required.

Film specification for box-motion CXII flow wrapper models
Models Sealing action Max. film rewind width
FW3400B/CX Box-motion 430mm
FW3410B/CX Box-motion 600mm

Key features of CXII flow wrapping machines

Energy-saving heat fin-seal system

  • Induction fin-seal heater technology replaces the use of slip-rings which are a common cause of sealing failures.
  • Intelligent temperature control systems give even greater consistency of pack quality. Highly accurate seal temperatures maintain correct seal integrity.

Pack format versatility

The CXII flow wrapper series offers a wide range of seal profiles, seal pressures, and pack design options such as hangsell and gusseted pack.

Flexible in-feed systems

A range of fully automated in-feed systems are available depending on the application.

Optional Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP)

MAP (also known as gas flushing) prevents the deterioration of many baked goods, such as bread, cakes and biscuits, by minimising the effects of oxygen inside a finished package:

  • Preserves product freshness and prevents product decay.
  • Preserves product qualities such as aromas.
  • Ensures hygiene and product safety.
  • Extends product shelf life.

Modified atmosphere packs must be made from a barrier film. Gas (usually nitrogen) is flushed into the pack, which must then be sealed, using a long dwell seal-time and low inertia leverage, to prevent the gas escaping. These air-tight packs can be produced on CXII flow wrappers.


  • The simple operator interface is easy to navigate and set up products.
  • A new long-life, non-contact film sensor detects the end of film rolls.
  • An open-top, adjustable former enables easy film threading for quicker set-up and product size changeover.

Easy maintenance

  • Easily accessible components for faster cleaning and maintenance.
  • Hygienic stainless steel covers.