PACKLINE Tub, pot and cup fillers

PACKLINE Tub pot and cup filling sealing and lidding machines
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Brands: Packline


Exceptional flexibility for filling either single products or multi-component products simultaneously. Each Packline machine is designed according to the product, the container and the seal type required, including:

  • Pre-cut foils Membrane cut direct from a roll
  • With or without additional plastic lid


Packline automatic tub and cup filling equipment handles a variety of liquids, pastes as well as dry, granulated and powdered products. They handle single products or multi-component mixes.

Examples of multi-component products include:

  • Dairy products
  • Salads
  • Hummus, dips, dressings
  • Seafood cocktails
  • Sweet desserts, spiral syrups, flavoured toppings
  • Dry soups
  • Frozen dishes
  • Cosmetics
  • Airline catering
  • Powders

Packline customises the filling heads on each machine to suit the type and viscosity of your product, for example:

Type of Product Most Suitable Filler
Liquid and pastes Mechanical or pneumatic piston fillers
Solids Volumetric fillers or scale fillers
Powders Auger fillers
Herbs, spices and toppings Sprinkle fillers

Where multiple components make up a product, each with different characteristics, different fillers can be provided for each component.

Automatic tub filling machines

Machines for filling multiple products simultaneously include:

Packline PXG – Up to 3 product components

  • Easily adjustable change parts to fit different container shapes and sizes.
  • 1, 2 or 4 lanes with outputs of 30-100 cups per minute.
  • Optional extension for additional fillers or non-standard container.

Packline PXM – Up to 8 product components

  • Up to 6 lanes with outputs of up to 300 cups per minute.
  • Optional stations for labelling and coding.

Semi-automatic tub sealing machines

Packline PAO Sealers for plastic membranes cut from the roll

  • Semi-automatic models up to 12 cycles per min.
  • Film is automatically advanced and the waste is rewound.
  • Optional film marking detection.

Packline PLB, POB Table-top sealers for pre-cut aluminium foil lids

Semi-automatic, low maintenance sealers ideal for one operator or small volume production.

These fillers handle a variety of cup sizes so they are also perfect for R&D testing of new products. This range features rotary platform, heat press, thermostat and timer.

Key features of Packline tub and cup filling machines

  • High quality welded seals.
  • Stainless steel product contact parts.
  • Machine construction uses stainless steel, anodized aluminium and plastics to CE, FDA, 3A standards for food grade materials.
  • Optional CIP cleaning system on automatic machines.
  • PLC control systems on automatic machines.
  • Easy changeover for different container sizes.
  • Safety guarding to Australian Standards.
  • Discharging conveyer on automated filling machines.