Henny Penny Rotisserie Ovens

Henny Penny rotisserie ovens deliver a tender, juicy and naturally flavoursome product due to the continual rotation maintaining the products natural juices. Rotisserie cooking also gives customers the theatre of seeing the products cooking and the movement has proven to increase customer interest and generate product sales.

Features and Benefits:

  • One piece "V" shaped spits are easy to load and unload and allow the convection heat to circulate through the centre of the products for faster cook times
  • Cooks via Therma Vec convection heat plus independently controller upper radiant heat to control colouring
  • Front and rear doors allow for a pass-through installation
  • Integrated core temperature probe for HACCP procedures
  • Large push button rotate button assists when loading and unloading spits.

Options are:

  • Electric only
  • SCR6 6 spit or larger model SCR8 8 longer spits

Henny Penny design, develop, and manufacture premium foodservice equipment known for reliability, ease of use and low operating costs. To see our full Henny Penny range, click here.

Model No:


All internal components easily removable for cleaning, halogen lighting, tinted glass doors.

Model#: SCR6, SCR8

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