ROVEMA Case packers, case erectors, tray packers

End-of-line packing equipment for erecting filling and closing shelf-ready wraparound and American RSC cases
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Brands: Rovema , ROVEMA


Rovema offers a very comprehensive range of case and tray packers for transferring all types of packaged goods (such as filled bags, sachets and cartons) into packing cases or shippers. The cases or shippers can then be loaded onto pallets or stacked for easy distribution and transportation to their final destination.

Case erectors

Case erecting from blank formats is the fastest method of constructing trays for shelf-ready packaging.

  • Highly flexible even with difficult applications.
  • Constructs a large variety of cases, even with complex geometries.

Case packers for one-piece packages

Rovema case packer for cartons with attached lids

Almost unlimited possibilities with options for tuck-in or cold or hot melt closure.

Rovema case packer for pre-glued cases (AC, RSC)

The economic erecting, filling and closing of shipping cases. Case packers for American (RSC) cases

Drop-down case packer

Designed for top loading flexible bags into cases at high speeds.

  • Highly flexible with a variety of pre-selectable layer patterns.
  • Gentle product filling with automatically adjustable drop heights.
  • Increased corrosion protection for products with special characteristics like frozen food.

Side loader case packer

  • Intelligent grouping systems enable a variety of packing schemes and guarantee short format change-over times.
  • High flexibility, with retail packages packed in standing or laying position.
  • Progressively adjustable carton filling angle guarantees a safe filling especially for retail packages that are bulging or wedge-shaped.

Top loader case packer

Pick & place technology enables the gentle filling of shipping cases with fragile products at a high performance.

  • Intelligent grouping systems offer a variety of packing schemes and guarantee short format change times.
  • Multiple possibilities for carton filling.
  • Different adjustable partial procedures via user interface offer high flexibility for demanding applications.

Tray packers for point-of-sale packaging

Tray packers produce shelf-ready, point-of-sale packages. Branded trays can be used for transporting goods which then double up as on-shelf display promotion inside the retail outlet. Trays are erected from flat blanks, then filled and closed.

  • Different adjustable partial procedures via user interface offer high degree of flexibility for difficult applications.
  • Maximum performance and easy operation by automatic path calculation.

Case packers for trays with lids / 2-piece packs

The elegant way to present shelf-ready retail packages.

Tray packer for trays with inside or U-shaped lids.

  • Erects, fills and closes trays from flat blanks.
  • Gentle product handling and reliable operation, despite high speed operation.
  • Innovative and productive grouping systems.
  • Safe handling with ROVEMA-P@ckControl.
  • Erects, fills and closes shallow, high or slanting trays as well as L-trays.
  • Applies fully closed or U-shaped lids.
  • Buffer indexing chain as standard grouping system.
  • Conventional linear motors and servo drives.

Tray packer for trays with outside / attached lid

  • Versatile, handles most different carton shapes, even difficult applications.
  • Multiple configurations with options for tuck-in or adhesive tray erection with cold and hot melt closure.

Tray packer for trays with separate lid

  • Erects and places lids onto trays.
  • Handles a wide range of lid geometries from flat blanks, even complex designs.
  • Multiple adjustable partial procedures via user interface for maximum versatility.
  • Automatic path calculation for maximum performance and easy operation.

Features of all Rovema end-of-line packing equipment

  1. All packaging processes are constructed on one level which ensures:
    • Gentle product handling.
    • Easy access and high visibility.
    • Very easy line cleaning.
    • Low positioning of blank magazines for easy access.

  2. User-friendly, efficient machine control and operation:
    • Clear, user-friendly touch screen interface.
    • Online technical assistance and documentation.
    • Automated, programmable format switches for fast, reproducible product set-up and changeover.
    • Maximum performance with automatic path calculation.

  3. Integration and custom solutions:
    • Integration with primary packaging machines or other peripheral equipment
    • Custom made solutions available for non-standard requirements.