Electronic Combined Machine - TWIN 60 - Water Cooled - 3 Phase

A Heater and Batch freezer in a single module. The Bain-marie (Heating) system allows for temperatures up to 105°C for maintaining the characteristics of the product. An Innovative delivery/transfer spigot is designed with a wide diameter for quick emptying even with dense product. This is in addition to possessing a self locking beater with mobile wall and bottom scraper and vat temperature probe to ensure accurate temperatures are reached and maintained through the process. Batch Freezing is done using a highly efficient freezing cylinder a stainless steel beater, removable scrapers and with direct expansion. The electronic IES features a new consistency control system that further improves the procision during the various working conditions.

Model No:
TWIN 60 - CW
Brands: FRIGOMAT , Frigomat

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