Chicken Cooking Equipment

Used in a wide variety of dishes and served in countless restaurants, chicken is an enduring and popular food choice. At J.L.Lennard, we boast a great selection of chicken cooking machines including pressure fryers and rotisseries that make preparing a myriad of meals a breeze. From restaurants in Auckland to cafes in Christchurch, a wide range of businesses can benefit from purchasing a top quality chicken cooking machine from J.L.Lennard. Browse our range or contact us today to find the best chicken cooking equipment for your specific needs.


Product Description

Our chicken cooking machine range features pressure fryers and rotisserie machines that come in various configurations. Highlights of our range include the popular Henny Penny chicken machine that is perfect for take away stores where chicken needs to be cooked quickly and when it comes to cooking entire chickens or turkeys our Henny Penny chicken rotisserie is ideal.


For more information on our exceptional commercial chicken rotisserie, Henny Penny chicken machine or any other piece of chicken cooking equipment, please contact us today and a staff member will be happy to help find a solution for your needs.