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Henny Penny Holding Cabinets & Hot Food Displays

Keeping foods fresh and ready to serve is easy with a hot food display cabinet from Henny Penny. A company with over 60 years of experience, Henny Penny has earned a reputation for supporting restaurants around the world with premium foodservice equipment that’s designed to cope with demanding kitchen environments and last for many years. Fortunately, you can experience the difference yourself with the range of Henny Penny holding cabinets & hot food displays in stock at J.L.Lennard

The Benefits of Using a Henny Penny Warmer Cabinet to Keep Foods Hot and Fresh

Heated food displays and cabinets allows your staff to prepare foods ahead of time and keep them hot for longer, freeing them up to manage peak periods in a busy kitchen. Our Henny Penny heated merchandiser range includes:

  • SmartHold – A hot food display cabinet with automatic humidity controls, separately programmed shelves, countdown timers, and longer hold times to increase the productivity of your kitchen
  • Heated Holding – An energy efficient and fully insulated cabinet that keeps any item hot and tasty until it’s ready to serve
  • Countertop Holding – A compact unit that maintains safe temperatures for freshly cooked food

Our Henny Penny warmer cabinet units are ideal for fast food outlets, restaurant kitchens, food trucks, chicken shops, kebab stores, and more. Get in touch with J.L.Lennard today to find out more.