JL Lennard

Commercial Smoothie Blender

Nothing beats a smoothie on a hot summer’s day in New Zealand! With plenty of fresh fruit and dairy products available, the smoothie has become a popular refreshment choice for those looking for a healthier alternative to soft drinks. J.L.Lennard can provide you with a commercial smoothie blender that is perfect for use in cafés and dairies from the far north to the deep south.


Product Description

Our exceptional Taylor Razzle commercial smoothie blender is a breeze to operate and can easily blend a wide range of fruits, vegetables, yoghurts and ice creams into a thick consistency. The Taylor Razzle commercial smoothie blender is simple to set up and use and best of all, easy to clean. This durable machine features user friendly foot pedals that allow for hands-free operation and is available in counter or wall-mounted configurations.


Founded in 1879, J.L.Lennard boasts over a hundred years of experience delivering the best quality products available. In addition to our years of experience, it’s our outstanding customer service that sets us apart from the rest. Through face-to-face consultations, excellent after-sale service and preventative maintenance programs we will provide you with a customer service that is second to none and a product to match.


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